About the School

We educate empathetic, resilient and
entrepreneurial citizens

What distinguishes us

Socio-emotional Education

We implement specific programs for the development of socio-emotional skills with our students. We work on aspects such as: self-knowledge, recognition of emotions, empathy, self-confidence, relationship with others, resilience, and personal growth.

Through active methodologies and body expression activities – meditation, relaxation, group dynamics, debates, etc. – we ensure the comprehensive education of our students, promoting well-being and psychological health, and helping them to be more tolerant and respectful children, with greater capacity for self-criticism and cooperation with peers.

What distinguishes us

Integrated English Language Learning and Cambridge Certification

The grasp of the English language is an indispensable resource and facilitator in adapting to a globalised world, in the current context of mobility, internationalisation and interculturality.

Our students benefit from an integrated learning of the English language: in an immersive and informal context – naturally present in their daily routines – and in formal academic moments – classes. This learning carried out in a school context, through significant everyday experiences, facilitates the appropriation of a second language and the building of a relationship of familiarity and pleasure with the new language.

Teaching of English Language is carried out using Cambridge University’s curriculum, resources, and certification. We are a Cambridge Educational Partner and a Cambridge Preparation Center for English Qualifications.

What distinguishes us

Citizenship and Entrepreneurship

We work actively so that our students grow up as citizens with solid human values, capable of transforming society. We train autonomous, responsible and solidary students, defenders of human rights, capable of exercising their rights and respecting the rights of others.

We defend that education for citizenship should be a sharing process, which encourages students to reflect on individual and collective issues, and to adopt behaviours based on ideals of justice, equality and democracy. To this end, we develop initiatives, organised by the students, which involve the entire school community (students, parents, staff) in the implementation of an educational project oriented towards an integral and balanced development.

We place our students at the center of decision-making and learning, promoting entrepreneurship, through the development of work skills such as leadership, decision-making, resistance to failure and teamwork.

What distinguishes us

Individualisation and Inclusive Education

We believe that teaching-learning processes must be adjusted to the unique learning needs of each student, respecting their individuality. We privilege pedagogical differentiation and all integrated and flexible actions and strategies that ensure the participation of each and every student and the improvement of their learning.

The Multidisciplinary Support Team for Inclusive Education ensures inclusive practices and the implementation of appropriate educational measures for students, contributing to the full development of their socio-emotional, cognitive and physical potential, with the support of the entire educational team of the school and in partnership with their families.

What distinguishes us

Active Learning

We promote the active participation of our students in the construction and monitoring of their learning process. Under the guidance of teachers. Students are encouraged to reflect on the way they learn and to self-evaluate their performance.

Using different methodologies and activities – project work, field work, teamwork, debates, case studies, among others – students engage in a more meaningful and effective way, being led to reflect on the topics addressed and to express their opinions, thus promoting a proactive intervention in the school community and in society.

Our mission and values

Our mission is, in a familiar and welcoming environment, to contribute to the education of whole, accomplished children, guided by solid values and involved in building a better future.

Integrity, responsibility and mutual respect

We strongly believe, in our educational community – together with students, families and staff – principles of integrity, responsibility and mutual respect, which enable an enriching coexistence between all.

Openness and cooperation

We encourage the construction of cooperative and inclusive school environments, encouraging collaboration and clear and direct communication between all elements of our educational communities, reinforcing attitudes of tolerance, respect and acceptance.

Familiar and warm environments

We value the establishment of close affective bonds between our employees, our students and their families. We value the establishment of close affective bonds amongst our employees, students and their families. We offer familial, safe and welcoming educational environments which promote well-being.

Altruism, empathy and solidarity

In our educational project, we work actively with our students, defending values ​​such as altruism, empathy and solidarity, contributing to an active and informed citizenship.

Global and Entrepreneurial Vision

We encourage our students and employees to have an entrepreneurial attitude, enabling them to adapt to the demands of a globalized world. We work to develop self-confidence, proactivity, ability to evaluate risks and opportunities, rigour, responsibility and resilience.

Lifelong learning

We encourage our students and employees to be active agents of their own process of learning.

We foster a curious and conscious attitude which is motivated by learning opportunities throughout life, in a holistic and transversal perspective of personal growth and fulfillment.

Ethics and Social Impact

Within our educational community – students, families, staff – we promote active, informed citizenship, as well as high ethical standards and a positive impact on the social and environmental development of our local community.

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Colégio da Fonte emerged in 2007 from the vision of two brothers – Gonçalo and Diogo Fontes de Melo – to build a consistent and high-quality educational project, valuing the early teaching of English and the balance of children’s educational and affective development.

Built in an influent area of Oeiras Council, in Porto Salvo, it is accessible to office parks, such as Quinta da Fonte, Lagoas Park and Tagus Park, as well as to residential areas already consolidated, in an area undergoing rapid economic and housing development.



In September 2021, Colégio da Fonte joined the educational group Project To Be, ensuring the continuity of the educational project and the team. With Project To Be, the renovation of grounds and equipment, the introduction of new pedagogical projects in the area of experimental science, environmental education and food education, the promotion of the development and continuous training of human resources, as well as the establishment of new educational partnerships, with a view to enriching the offer to students and families.