Differentiated projects

Inovated and complete education

At Colégio da Fonte we believe that an educational project must be innovative and stimulating, capable of involving the entire school community and the local community, and making happy and complete children, with diverse and enriched activities.

Emotion School

We are an Emotion School and we implement specific projects with our students to develop socio-emotional skills where we work on aspects such as: self-knowledge, recognition of emotions, empathy, self-confidence, relationships with others, resilience and personal growth.

Through our projects, we encourage the early discovery of who they are, their unique characteristics and talents, creating a receptive and meaningful physical and human environment, promoting emotional well-being, and facilitating healthy development and the acquisition of essential learning.

We educate complete, more tolerant, and respectful children, with greater capacity for self-criticism, conflict resolution and cooperation with peers.

Within the scope of the Emotion School, the students of Colégio da Fonte participate in several projects:


  • One Moment

In the One Moment project, primary school students are provided with space for daily meditation and relaxation, with various benefits in terms of emotional and social well-being: self-awareness, correction of breathing patterns, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, stress reduction, promotion of relaxation, attention and memory training, stimulation of creativity, healthy management of emotions, among others.


  • To be caring, To be Inclusive

Project “To Be caring, To be Inclusive” has the mission of making children aware of the importance of “looking at” the other and their needs with social responsibility and with a spirit of mutual help and initiative. In this project, our students develop initiatives that involve the entire educational community, and that will lead them to undertake the values of solidarity and inclusion, knowing and respecting individual and social differences.


  • Talent To Be

Students at Colégio da Fonte are encouraged to value and develop their talents, individually or in groups, and are given the opportunity to share them with the educational community, if they so wish. The project includes artistic modalities such as: art exploration, dramatic expression, musical expression, and oral and written expression.

In this project our students develop numerous individual and interpersonal skills: self-knowledge, self-esteem, creativity, organisation, communication, autonomy, artistic sensitivity, cooperation, healthy competition and social participation.

science and environment workshops

With the guidance of teacher, biologist and environmental educator Rute Candeias, 1st cycle students develop activities in the area of ​​science and the environment, including classes, projects and field trips, always privileging practical methodologies and interaction with natural elements.

At the Workshops, we aim to encourage our students to participate in the habits of citizenship, in the search for solutions that allow for an improvement in the quality of life at school and in the community. We want to form more conscientious citizens who actively contribute to the Man-Nature balance.

Colégio da Fonte aims to be a space for sustainable education, adopting good practices in respect of environmental values ​​and preservation of the environment.

To be Healthy

The To Be Healthy Project aims to promote healthier and more sustainable eating habits and practices. In partnership with nutritionist Mariana Bessa, from Nutrir – Consulting in Food and Nutrition, Project To Be invests in the food education of its students and in the training of employees.
To Be Healthy includes:

  • Review and diversification of menus (varied, balanced and complete menus, with natural foods and essential nutrients, and lacto-ovo vegetarian option);
  • Training of the College’s human resources (kitchen staff, to train and improve the methods of preparing the menus, and teachers, who will continue the food education project with the students);
  • Food education sessions with students;
  • Workshops with families.

We believe that, through this transversal project that involves employees, students and families, we are contributing to the well-being of our educational community and to the sustainability of the planet. We contribute to healthier child development by introducing more fresh fruit and vegetables, reducing meat consumption and reducing the use of refined sugars and salt in our menus.

Cambridge certification

At Colégio da Fonte we believe English language acquisition is an essential resource in adapting to a globalized world. We invest in early exposure to the English language – in the stages of nursery, preschool and primary school.

Our students can benefit from integrated English language learning: through an informal immersive context – where language is naturally present throughout their daily routines – as well as in formal academic moments – lessons.

We are a Cambridge certified entity – Cambridge Educational Partner – , taking advantage of various benefits to all the educational community and ensuring excellence in the teaching and learning of the English language.

Teaching of English Language is carried out using Cambridge University’s curriculum, resources, and certification. We are a Cambridge University Press | Educational Partner and Cambridge Preparation Centre for English Qualifications.

Throughout their academic life, our students are prepared for Cambridge exams, namely for Young Learners English Tests (YLE). YLE are designed for children aged 6 to 12. They are subdivided into three exams that certify different levels of English (Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers) in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are able to take the exams in Fonte’s premises or in another Project to Be school.

To be parent

Project To Be encourages a familial and affective environment in their schools, regarding parents’ participation as a central element of the educational processes, valuing openness and cooperation within the school community.

According to To Be values, informative sessions open to parents and thematic sessions of parental education will be held.

Social Impact

Our students participate in projects with an effective social impact, which respects their motivation and interests, and involves them in a meaningful and memorable way in dynamic and experiential learning. They are already active, responsible, and enlightened future citizens committed in building a more fair and supportive society and defending a more sustainable planet.

The Be Kind Project “A Bridge Between Generations” focuses on the theme of social inclusion, namely the importance of intergenerationally. Several activities are carried out to raise awareness of the above issue and prompts an effective change in behaviour, contributing to the construction of a more inclusive society.

The Be Blue Project “For a Bluer Ocean and a Greener planet”, is a social impact project that mobilises the educational communities of the To Be Schools focusing in protecting the Ocean, showing that schools can and should be active agents in local communities and educate for present and future changes.

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